Q&A: DisruptDC co-founder sees the need for a government/tech nexus

On the same day tech leaders took part in the inaugural summit of the White House’s American Technology Council, former Apple manager Sarah Bonk, who spent more than 14 years at the company, helped launch DisruptDC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan alliance of business leaders she co-founded to improve government and elections.

DisruptDC’s president and CEO, Charles Kolb, served in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations and was longtime leader of the Committee for Economic Development. He plans to advance reform at the federal, state and local levels by making elections competitive, aligning incentives in policymaking and upgrading government with modern technology. The alliance sees dysfunction in government as bad for business and the overall economy.

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Service Providers

Netflix Climbs the Growth Wave as Cable TV Slides

A few short years ago, Netflix was nothing more than a mail order Blockbuster-type video rental business. Since then, it has been growing rapidly and changing. Believe it or not, Netflix today has more U.S. subscribers than cable TV. That’s an amazing accomplishment for Netflix — and a major hit to traditional cable television. Netflix and cable TV are on opposite sides of the growth wave.

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